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Gregory Bem / Philadelphia, PA

  • About Lone Byte

    Lone Byte Creations is the tree of Gregory Bem's current projects. Started in early 2009 with Lone Byte Press, an e-chapbook publication initiative, recent branches include Lone Byte Productions, which features video slide shows and low-budget short films, and Byte-Sized, geared to preserve Bem's collaborative poetic and musical projects of yesterday, including but not limited to the Opal Ovals and the Picked Pockets.
  • About the Press

    Lone Byte Press is the name of a project created by Greg Bem in 2009 and it's still around today. Lone Byte Press releases online and offline books of poetry and prose so that more poetry and prose can be seen by more humans.
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Carlos Soto Roman: Two Maps

Posted by Greg Bem on February 11, 2010

The February chapbook from Lone Byte contains two vis-po pieces by the Chilean poet Carlos Soto Roman, who is currently living and attending school in Philadelphia. Carlos is responsible for the Elective Infinities project, and works with the New Philadelphia Poets to help change the face of poetry throughout the city. Limited copies of Map of Indifference/Map of Solitude are available and they are a dollar a piece. All inquires, email me at gregbem@gmail.com.


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